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Why ChurchillWe think it’s important to learn from mistakes. We prefer to learn from the mistakes of our competitors than our own, however. Whenever we have a new customer come on board, we try to find out why they would be changing their insurance agency. Of course there are those that have recently moved here and need a relationship with their agent that is closer to home … but that is not where we get most of our new customers. When we talk about Service, Knowledge and a Positive Attitude we are describing the exact traits our customers are looking for in an agency. We have learned through the many years we have been in business that customers leave their  agencies because of the following reasons:

  1. Lack of Service
  2. Their company doesn’t listen to them
  3. They just can’t get the information they want or need
  4. They’ve gone out of business!
  5. NOT Cost!

We have been purposeful in our approach to our mission and vision in terms of providing our customers every reason to stay with us! The way we treat you – our valued customer – the way we listen, the way we help are all part of our business culture, and as long as W.L. Churchill is around, that won’t change. Look, we’re not perfect … but we do consider every one of our customers important. We even occasionally loose a customer … though we have had several come back after they realized the grass wasn’t really greener.

A few words on the cost of your insurance …

Insurance is a highly competitive business whether it’s auto, homeowners or different types of business insurance. The level of competition has really “leveled the playing field” where most of the lines we offer are concerned. What that means is you may save a little money … but what you might lose to save that money may cost you a lot more in the long run. Our goal is to be sure you have the most appropriate insurance for your needs and budget. Our customers trust us to be sure that we are looking out for them … not looking out for the best commission … and that’s why we have been able to be in business for over 60 years! If you want exceptional service, a knowledgeable and experienced staff and someone who will be an advocate for their customers while providing competitively priced insurance, that is exactly what you will get with W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency, Inc.

Our Mission

The Mission of W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency, Inc. is to be the most positive, friendly, knowledgeable and professional Insurance Agency In Southeastern Massachusetts.

To that end we will:

Offer the most appropriate insurance policies for the needs of our residential and business customers.

Strive to assist you with all of your insurance needs in a courteous and professional manner.

Provide you caring and competent assistance when you are in need.

We have been in business for several generations and are confident that by fulfilling this mission we will enjoy many more generations of service.


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History of Our Company

The W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency has been serving the greater Brockton region for more than 60 years. Established in 1952 by Warren and Mary Ellen Churchill, Churchill Insurance was purchased by Gayle and Wayne Hulbert in 1997. Gayle was a long time employee of the W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency, joining the agency in 1981 and managing the agency between 1990 until the purchase in 1997. Gayle is true to the ideals and values of the founders while leading the agency in todays contemporary market. W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency, Inc. serves small business clients for their business insurance and business car insurance needs and provides individuals and families car insurance and homeowners insurance. Conveniently located across from Stonehill College, W.L. Churchill Insurance Agency, Inc. offers off street parking and easy access from Brockton, Easton, South Easton, North Easton, West Bridgewater and Stoughton.

Some of the policies offfered include:

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Business Automobile Insurance
  • Flood Insurance

So – if you are looking for personalized service and specialized knowledge at you insurance agency, please Click Here to Contact Us!