Insurance Claims

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Insurance Claims

At Churchill Insurance we are constantly looking to improve the ways we serve our customers. We have several links and options available in the event you may need to make a claim. For “after hours” insurance claims assistance, you may click on the Carriers Name or call the number shown below.

For the purpose of initiating an insurance¬†claim using one of our on-line forms, simply click on the claim type below the “Carrier Table” and you will be taken to the online claim form. Please Note: Please fill the information out accurately and completely as possible. Filling out any of these forms does not complete the claims process, but allows us to help you through the claims process more efficiently. If for some reason you have not been responded to within 2 business days, please contact the office. Ands as always, for assistance with a claim, or if you would like to update your policy you can always call us at 508-238-7911.

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Carrier Table

Carrier Phone Number
CNA Surety 1-800-331-6053
Commerce Insurance 1-800-221-1605
Danbury Insurance Company 1-800-341-8200
Danbury Insurance Company After Hours 1-866-675-7978
Foremost Insurance Group 1-800-527-3907
Hingham Mutual 1-800-341-8200
Hingham Mutual After Hours 1-866-675-7978
Mass Property / Fair Plan 1-508-585-1475
National Flood Insurance 1-508-238-7911
NLC Insurance 1-800-962-0800
NLC Insurance After Hours 1-866-675-7978


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